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What is Mend-A-Body Solutions?

Debra Ann St. Hilaire
Debra Ann St Hilaire

Mend-A-Body Solutions is a wellness and waistline management company that is committed to providing products and services that promote a comprehensive approach to optimum wellness and weight management. Mend-A-Body Solutions offers a combination of education and wellness coaching on how a low-glycemic, low-inflammatory lifestyle promotes results for effective weight loss and relief from pain and/or inflammation-related disease.

We are different from traditional commercial weight-loss companies because of a three-pronged approach focused on reducing whole body inflammation, which includes one-on-one coaching; healthy food choices, including food from; and a line of supplements designed specifically to work in tandem with our program philosophies.

Materials provided to members of the program include some very unique styles of education and information regarding nutrition and weight loss support that have been developed by staff experts. Clients are quickly empowered to a point where they can make significant weight loss and/or wellness advancements they will need in order  they follow the recommendations.

Review how owner, Debra Ann, came about developing this program...

In my mid-forties, I was told to accept that I was considered higher risk for coronary issues because of my blood pressure, triglycerides and cholesterol readings. A whole variety of medications were recommended for me. I was also told that my unwanted pounds were normal for my age and that I should just enjoy life and accept where I was.

I decided not to accept that advice. There were developments in scientific-based European and Canadian wellness programs that were getting dramatic results and moving here to the States. After graduating from a course on nutritious lifestyles where small touch points were made on avoiding certain foods that could impact health and weight, I was committed to a new way of health. I reached out to programs that involved monitoring my intake of inflammatory and sugary foods.  Not only did my health improve dramatically, but my waistline did as well. I went from a snug size 10 to a comfortable size 4. I began to recommend the changes to friends and family and knew I wanted to offer this opportunity to others.

In the past, I have worked for organizations as a nutrition coach with little emphasis to health.  I could fit into smaller pant sizes but these programs wore on my health and forced compromises to my lifestyle. And when I retired, the weight came back anyway. After intense exploration from books, programs and experts in the industry, I began researching ways to ensure the best results possible — both health and weight loss — and found a low-inflammatory, low-glycemic way of eating. I created my own program for myself, then for friends and family. Within a very short period of time, I had strangers reaching out.  After taking several months off for continued and exhaustive research, I developed a plan that is sound and achieves remarkable results.  Over time, I have acquired relationships with people that are world-famous for their knowledge in health, weight loss and nutrition.  This incredible network has continued to be a great asset to our clients in providing a great base of resources of pooled expert health advisors.  Nutrition concerns continue to grow at an alarming rate and it takes a progressive company to keep their information current for their clients.

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